Green Charter

Children's DesignOur Green Charter will:

• Be a three year plan for promoting sustainability at local level
• have clear aims or targets (measurable where appropriate)
• have information on delivery
• involve staff, children and the wider establishment community in planning the Charter
• be displayed clearly in the nursery
• be subject to ongoing review, progress being reported in Standards & Quality reports
• be submitted to the authority at the start of the three year period covering the essential components and several elective areas as well

In Kelly Street Children’s Centre we aim to:
• Reduce the amount of energy we use.
• Reuse and recycle as much waste as possible within the nursery.
• Decrease the amount of waste sent to landfill from the local community.
• Reduce the amount of litter in the local environment.
• Gain second eco school award.
• Enhance the biodiversity within the local area.
• Decrease the number of cars being used to bring and collect children to and from nursery.

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