Social Studies

Learning in the social studies will enable children to:
• develop their understanding of the history, heritage and culture of Scotland, and an appreciation of their local and national heritage within the world
• broaden their understanding of the world by learning about human activities and achievements in the past and present

• develop their understanding of their own values, beliefs and cultures and those of others
• develop their understanding of the principles of democracy and citizenship through experiences of critical and independent thinking
• explore and evaluate different types of sources and evidence
• learn how to locate, explore and link periods, people and events in time and place

• learn how to locate, explore and link features and places locally and further afield
• engage in activities which encourage enterprising attitudes
• develop an understanding of concepts that stimulate enterprise and influence business
• establish firm foundations for lifelong learning and for further specialised study and careers. (Curriculum for Excellence: Social Studies Introductory Statements)

Some exciting examples of Social Studies activities we have carried out in the nursery are visits to the QE2, trips to the garden centre and recycling, visits to local parks and places of importance in our local community, trips to the library, local schools and care homes amongst many other things. We also enjoy learning about our own Scottish culture and other cultures.

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