Literacy and English

We support the children in learning about languages across the curriculum in a wide variety of ways. Children are encouraged to develop their skills in language through social activities and play. We support the children in listening to enjoying and music, songs, stories and rhymes. Learning to listen to instructions and information from staff also develops their knowledge and understanding. In some situations children should be asked to listen with particular care and the reasons for careful listening will be explained to them by staff.

More specifically all our pre-school children participate in the Story Grammar programme. This Vygoyskian approach approach to Early Years Education enables teachers / nursery staff to equip young children with the mental tools necessary for learning so they can use these tools independently and creatively.

The Story Grammar Programme follows a specific set of procedures for helping young children develop a love of story, ownership of story language and a profound understanding of story structure.

Staff also all utilise "Talking Round Corners." This Inverclyde initiative focuses on communication skills. We use a series of gesture cards to develop the children in quality listening and talking. Deepening their understanding develops their confidence and communication.

We also focus highly on phonological awareness. Activities at group time and within in the playroom are carried out to help the children learn about areas such as rhyming words, syallables and initial sounds.

At Kelly Street we also run a "Talking and Listening" group to develop the children's confidence and communication within small groups.

The children develop and extend their literacy skills when they have opportunities to:
• communicate, collaborate and build relationships.
• reflect on and again explain their literacy and thinking skills, using feedback to help them improve and sensitively provide useful feedback for others.

• engage with and create a wide range of texts in different media, taking advantage of the opportunities offered by ICT.
• develop my understanding of what is special, vibrant and valuable about their own and other cultures and their languages.
• explore the richness and diversity of language, how it can affect them and the wide range of ways in which they and others can be creative?
• extend and enrich their vocabulary through listening, talking, watching and reading.
• in developing their English language skills:
• they engage with a wide range of texts and am developing an appreciation of the richness and breadth of Scotland’s literacy and linguistic heritage.
• they enjoy exploring and discussing word patterns and text structures. (Curriculum for Excellence: Literacy & English Introductory Statements)

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