Key to Learning

The Key to Learning (Vygotskian) approach offers a unique way to develop children's cognitive skills. At Kelly Street we utilise the Story Grammar Programme and the Sensory Mathematics to enhance teaching and learning.

The Story Grammar programme follows a specific set of procedures (Visual-Spatial Modelling) for helping young children develop a love of story, ownership of story language and a profound understanding of story structure.

The benefits of this programme
For younger children the biggest difficulty is holding the structure of the story in mind. A visual model is a plan for retelling a story. When a child knows the structure of a story he/she is empowered to become very active in retelling it. The aim is for teacher / nursery staff to support the children in recreating teacher generated visual models at first and then, gradually, to enable them to create their own visual models and their own stories.

The Sensory Mathematics programme develops the concept of measurement. It develops skills and knowledge relating to shape, size and colour. It introduces the concepts and language of mathematics and develops fundamental understanding of mathematical relationships such as more/less/equal.

Further information is available on the Key to Learning on the link below.

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