Health and Wellbeing

Health and Wellbeing is highly focussed across our nursery. In January we enjoyed our Health month with lots of input from Christine Anderson (Early Years Sports Development Officer) and Alison Meechan (Active Schools Co-ordinator). We invited our families to join us in these events in various locations. Our Grand Finale for the Health month was an exhilirating input from "Graffiti" dance troup. We also raised funds towards the Haiti disaster fund.

Why is Health & Wellbeing Important?

Children’s progress in physical development is influenced by their growing ability to control their bodies and by their physical well-being and strength. Once children have acquired the basic skill of mobility, they become faster, stronger and more certain of their balance, and they start to use these skills in a wider range of physical activities. They will learn to run, jump, skip, climb, balance, throw and catch with increasing skill and will develop increasing control of fine movements of their fingers and hands.

The children can expect their learning environment to support them to:

• develop their self-awareness, self worth and respect for others
• meet challenges, manage change and build relationships
• experience personal achievement and build their resilience and confidence
• understand and develop their physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing and social skills
• understand how what they eat, how active they are and how decisions they make about their behaviour and relationships affect their physical and mental wellbeing
• participate in a wide range of activities which promote a healthy lifestyle

• understand that adults in their school community have a responsibility to look after them, listen to their concerns and involve others where necessary
• learn about where to find help and resources to inform choices
• assess and manage risk and understand the impact of risk-taking behaviour

• reflect on their strengths and skills to help them make informed choices when planning their next steps
• acknowledge diversity and understand that it is everyone's responsibility to challenge discrimination. (Curriculum for Excellence: Health & Wellbeing Introductory Statements)

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