Expressive Arts

Expressive and aesthetic experiences provide important ways for children to express their ideas, feelings and imagination.This contributes to their confidence and self esteem. In developing expressive and aesthetic experiences the emphasis should be on the enjoyment, expression and the learning which takes place during the experience rather than on finished products.

Experiences in the expressive arts involve creating and presenting. They are practical and experiential experiences. Evaluating and appreciating are used to enhance enjoyment and develop knowledge and understanding.

The children's learning in, through and about the expressive arts:

• enables them to experience the inspiration and power of the arts

• recognises and nurtures their creative and aesthetic talents
• allows them to develop skills and techniques that are relevant to specific art forms and across the four capacities
• provides opportunities for them to deepen their understanding of culture in Scotland and the wider world
• is enhanced and enriched through partnerships with professional arts companies, creative adults and cultural organisations. (Curriculum for Excellence: Expressive Arts Introductory Statements)

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