We will engage young children in high quality learning activities. This will encourage and extend curiosity through play. Staff will support the children to sustain their efforts to become successful learners, confident individuals, responsible citizens and effective contributors through "Curriculum for Excellence." The nursery will also use "A Curriculum Framework for Children 3-5 Years," "A National Strategy for ICT in Pre-School" and "Early Intervention in Literacy and Numeracy" as guidelines.

Development and Learning Through Play
We will encourage all children to think and apply different kinds of learning in new situations through play. We will encourage children to use technology for learning. We will encourage all children to assess risk then take informed decisions and to foster positive attitudes to learning in the context of a play situation. Children will be encouraged to take decisions about their play and at times initiate and organise play.

We will aim to offer children a wide variety of resources both indoors and outdoors which will challenge all children and offer breadth, balance and progression in the child’s learning.

A curriculum can be described as the activities and experiences provided for young children which encourage knowledge, understanding and development of skills.
Staff plan activities and experiences based on different aspects of children’s development and learning.

We aim to develop children as:-
• Confident Individuals
• Successful Learners
• Effective Contributors
• Responsible Citizens

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